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There are 110 million young adults throughout the world – about 1% of the earth’s population . This “Powerful Percent” will produce the world’s most influential leaders. The leadership of nearly every sphere of society comes from campus.
?Whether its media , government, business, or the Church, today’s young adults will live for, and whom they will live. This generation of students is waiting to hear a clear, compassionate, and culturally relevant presentation of the Gospel.


Thrive is First Baptist Church of Barnesville’s ministry to young adults. Thrive seeks to create an environment for 18- 25 years olds who want to grow in their relationship with Christ. Thrive is rooted out of the latter part of the verse James 1:21, “…and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.” It is our prayer that Thrive pushes young adults to implant themselves in the word of God, and through doing so, become thriving human beings and making Jesus famous in our community and world. There are three parts to Thrive: Cultivate (which is our small group Bible study), Connect (Thrive’s college ministry through the local BCM at Gordon State College), and Common Ground (our Wednesday night worship service). At any of these three branches of Thrive you can find young adults in all walks of life. Thrive is a family, and we hope you find out for yourself how wonderful it is to have a family you pushes you towards the cross!





Where can God use your talents?


Christianity is meant to be relational first, on a vertical axis between ourselves and God, and second, on a horizontal axis between ourselves and those around us. Small group Bible study moves us from being spectators in a weekly church service to active participants in a like-minded community dedicated to spiritual growth.

Connect is focused ministry to college students, both here in Barnesville at Gordon State and throughout the country. The purpose of Connect is to guide students in their continued spiritual growth, as well as introducing some to Jesus for the first time. Partnering with BCM and the collegiate ministries of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, Connect is a great way to get students involved with missions.
CommonGround is a mid-week gathering designed to bring the household of young adults together for the purpose of fellowship and praise for our Savior, Jesus. Stories are told, lives are changed, and Jesus is made famous. Our joy is made richer with adoration for Jesus since our delight in Him expands as we magnify Him together.




The Lift Team is a ministry of Thrive that picks up students for Common Ground on Wednesday nights at 8pm. The pick up is at 7:45 at the Village parking lot on GSC’s campus. For more information about the Lift Team or Common Ground, please click on the Thrive link. If you would like a ride to church on Wednesday nights or would like to serve on the Lift Team please text Cara at 678-673-8295.


The Thrive Worship Team involves a large number of people. The worship team consists of musicans, singers, sound techs, media techs and a variety of others who help make the 121 feel like home for us. The Thrive Worship Team meets, plans, and rehearse every Tuesday night at 6. If you are interested in serving with the worship team please see Jason or Cara.


The Great Exchange is a ministry that allows you to have Gospel conversations with college students. The Great Exchange is a nine question survey. The Great Exchange is held on GSC’s campus at least twice a semester. For more information on the Great Exchange, please click on the link. The next Great Exchange on GSC’s campus is on: 02/08/2018 from 10am -2pm





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